Nowadays everyone seems to be looking for a natural way to improve their health by implementing changes in their eating and drinking lifestyles. People these days don't fall prey to gimmicks presented on advertisements or turn to quick fixes that end up doing more damage than good. Drinking tea is a lifestyle choice that will add to your overall wellbeing. Organic green tea is officially awesome for your health. It packs more punch than water. The facts are in: It's teatime!

Organic Green tea is an agent of calm that can be consumed any time of the day- first thing in the morning, as an afternoon break, or even before a good night's sleep as there is no specific best time to drink green tea. Green tea is the beverage that can soothe you when you wish to relax or awaken you when you need an extra push. Green tea when infused with different herbs like Peppermint, Basil, or with flowers like Chamomile, Hibiscus, can produce overwhelming cups of delicious tea that help improve skin texture, promote healthy hair, and help cure several illnesses too. Even adding Turmeric, Ginger, and spices like Pepper, Cinnamon, and many other herbs can lift its virtue and thereby help improve overall body function.

Depending upon the type of herbal green tea and individual preference, consumers can enjoy different flavors by just adding honey and or lemon or ginger, licorice and extract numerous benefits such as boosting immunity levels, aiding digestion, soothing joint pain, better skin and hair quality or simply for relaxing. Herbal green teas are available in a wide range of packed flavors at all supermarkets these days and even online too. Few simple steps to make green tea are:

  • Boil water and allow it cool to around 175 °F (79 °C).

  • Add a green tea bag to your teacup.

  • Now pour a cup (150 ml) of hot water over the teabag.

  • Brew the tea for 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Simply remove the tea bag and enjoy the healthy tea.

  • You can add lemon and honey too to enhance the taste and flavor.


The growing popularity of herbal green tea over the past decades is attributable to not only its lively flavor but also to the manifold benefits it provides both mentally and physically. Herbal green tea is perfect for those moments when you need to re-energize and revive yourself. It's a dose of pure sunshine in your system to gear yourself up for the day. Being the healthiest tea its benefits depend on the herbs that are used to infuse in it. Combining organic green tea with lemon or simply with honey produces a vibrant and flavorful cup that can help you detox too.

Recent studies suggest that one cup of tea may contain up to five times more antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable. Thus herbal green tea often considered as a "Superfood green drink", can be used for providing relaxation, soothing an upset stomach, increasing immunity levels against both virus and bacterial colds, and sometimes even kill the body toxins too.

Even at these times when we are stuck by this new virus –COVID 19, lifestyle changes in our daily lives are inevitable. And to boost your immunity levels during this unusual time, you can prepare the ultimate Self-QuaranTEAn Survival Guide with this versatile beverage to help you stay strong and take care of your mind, body, and soul.

Herbal green teas along with the infused benefits of Ayurveda and traditional, good-for-you ingredients are believed to have a range of wellness-boosting properties. These teas are available in a huge variety depending upon the individual's choices and needs. The manifold benefits of herbal green tea are:

  • It boosts the blood circulation while bidding farewell to the toxins seeking a home in your body.

  • Drinking herbal green tea allows you to reap their benefits in a form that is easy to digest.

  • The disease-fighting compounds present in herbal tea may help prevent certain cancers too.

  • Apart from keeping your heart healthy, it can aid in burning body fat and help reduce weight gain, sharpen your mind, and help your body beat the effects of aging and stress.

  • EGCG is one of the most powerful compounds in green tea. Research has tested its ability to help treat various diseases and boost immunity too. It provides medicinal properties to green tea.

  • Researchs have claimed that the COVD-19 virus could be weakened with an active immune system and can be eliminated by sipping hot liquid, so if you keep your immune levels strong by drinking herbal green tea it can help keep the virus away!

So if you intend to create a lasting healthy habit, one thing you can do is start drinking herbal green teas that are loaded with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients. Now is the best time to start drinking green tea with a twist!