Our body and mind does need some amount of caffeine to remain active. However, the caffeine content in coffee becomes too much for comfort. Green tea on the other hand has far less amount of caffeine. A cup of coffee is loaded with 150 mg of caffeine. Compare that with a cup of Green tea which has just 25 to 30 mg of caffeine per cup.

Having frequent coffee means too much caffeine intake. It may result in stomach upsets, dizziness and even anxiety. Green tea, on the other hand, contains many essential amino acids that give a calming effect to the brain. It is your perfect drink for a relaxed body and alert mind.


Green tea will also help you to burn calories, get rid of unwanted body fat and toss out those extra pounds. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea will assist in boosting your immune system. It acts as a preventive against cough, cold, flu etc. As an icing to the cake, a daily cup or two of green tea would ensure fresh skin, healthy hair and promote anti ageing. 

Recent studies also reveals that increased intake of green tea reduces health risks like cardiac arrest, breast cancer etc. It will also reduce stress, anxiety and consequently help you get rid of the inflammation on your face or eyes. Most of these benefits are not there in your daily cuppa. So add green tea to your daily diet chart and enjoy these wonderful advantages over your coffee pals.


Green tea will certainly boost your brain power in short term. But regular intake of Green tea, in the long run, may help you avert age related degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Recent researches indicate that green tea adds protective neurons to our cognitive system, keeping it healthy in the long run.

Above all, green tea not just boosts the quality of your life; it may increase its longevity also. This is due to less chance of diseases such as heart attack, diabetes etc. if you drink 2 or 3 cups of green tea daily..

These are some of the great benefits of switching over to green tea from coffee as your everyday drink.  Due to its latest buzz, green tea is being referred as best drink for athletes. Choose your beverage wisely and make your life worth living.